• Tosi

    Tokyo / JAPAN


    tosi (Timothy Really, TEST)

    90年後期より都内クラブにてDJを始める。2005年に究極のリスニング空間を提唱するレーベル”Timothy Really”を設立。多方面でのアート・ディレクション、グラフィック・デザインのみならず、A&Rとしても手腕を発揮し、洗練されたアンダーグラウンド・ミュージックを世に広めている。2016年よりプロジェクト”Test Trax”を始動し、国内外のアーティストを招聘しパーティーを仕掛けながら、独自のグルーヴを探求している。

    Appearing from Tama area which known as Tokyo ghetto local. He started his DJ career in late 90’s from the city of chaos, Tokyo.

    In 2005, he has established the label called “Timothy Really” which propose “an ultimate listening place”. He is releasing the high quality under ground music as an A&R as well as inviting many domestic and overseas talented artists to his party.

    His groove is made from the experience through the atmosphere of the clubs an ecstasy over repeating phrases from the sources of Dub ~ Minimal ~ Ambient putting together like a piece of puzzle.

    He has performed with artists such as Jan Jelinek aka farben, Motitz Von Ozward,Nick The Record, Pende Street Steppers, Jacques Renault and many.