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Timothy Really Lab.

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"Timothy Really" / A division of "TEST TRAX"




Timothy Really, a collective of six DJs and artists, started as a label distributing electronic music focusing on both dance floors and home listening in 2005. They picked overseas producers like Kettel and Swayzak that hadn’t released yet in Japan, reissued their albums domestically and distributed them all over. Spek, a band led by So Inagawa released their first album from Timothy Really as well. While Timothy Really builds a platform for unique talent around the world, they also form as a production team providing all sorts of art direction to various sites including directing music for fashion shows, compiling music for shops, organizing events at clubs, and designing a special DJ booth with five turntables at French embassy.

In 2015, Timothy Really marked its 10th year and started a new project, “test”. They have been sampling and making tracks that are reviving yet original which will be soon released on vinyl.

Timothy Really, both as a label and DJs, has been expressing immense love for music and will continue to spread their flavor at dance floor and your home.