Fee:Door ¥3500 / Discount ¥3000

    Founder of Rush Hour, Antal performs an exceedingly amazing long set!!

    Rush Hour is an Amsterdam based record shop/label which has been thriving for 20 years. He has played at Glastonbury Festival, Dekmantel, Dimensions Festival etc., and at Rainbow Disco Club, he has been playing three years in a row as a part of Rush Hour Allstars.

    His journey through afro funk, Brazilian, disco, acid, and Detroit techno shows us his superb taste and techniques. Also, his attitude towards music that constantly opening a new field proves him as one of the best DJs from Europe. This is the very first time he will come to Japan solo.

    Enjoy this legendary moment at VENT!!

    – ANTAL –

    DATE : 11/22 (WED)
    OPEN : 23:00
    DOOR : ¥3,500 / FB discount : ¥3,000

    Antal (Rush Hour)
    Sisi (Rainbow Disco Club / Timothy Really)
    Gyao (Disko Klubb)

    Sam Fitzgerald (TNP)
    Knock (Sound Of Vast)
    Frankie $ (HNH)
    Atsushi Yamazaki (In Motion)

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