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    Label:Music India Ltd.


    彼らの曲をサンプリングしたThe Black Eyed Peasの「Don’t Phunk with My Heart」が06年度のグラミー賞を獲得した事に端を発して、欧米圏での認知が進んだKalyanji-Anandji。その後の熱心な好事家たちによる過去音源採掘によって、それまで知られていなかった至宝の数々も発掘され、晴れて辺境古典の認定を受けることになります。

    本作は、そんな出土品の中のひとつ、81年のボリウッド映画「Commander」のOSTに収録されており、BPM95で刻まれるヴィンテージなパーカションドラムに、脱力男女のダイアローグ、粘りのあるインド民族楽器たちのボリウッド的めくるめく展開に、惜しい感じのシンセが醸したB級SF感と、なかなか凄まじい混沌を抱えた辺境スペースディスコです。ただし、おそらくThe Black Eyed Peasも感じとってのことであったろう、そこにひそかに底流するブラックネスの僥倖があればこそ、その予測不能なカオティック加減もひとつ華麗な演出として腑に落ちてしまうから不思議なものです。

    Kalyanji-Anandji, the brotherhood of Bollywood film music masters Kalyanji and Anandji, have influenced not only the Bollywood film industry, but also the US pop music scene in the zeroes, and one has to admire their Fujiko Fujio-like sense of naming.

    The Black Eyed Peas’ “Don’t Phunk with My Heart,” which sampled one of their songs and won a Grammy Award in 2006, has brought Kalyanji-Anandji a lot of recognition in the Western world, and since then, he’s been an avid admirer of the band’s music The mining of past sound sources by the company has unearthed a number of previously unknown treasures that will be recognized as frontier classics.

    This work was included in the OST of the 1981 Bollywood film “Commander”, a vintage percussion drum at 95 BPM, a dialogue between men and women who have lost their power, and a dizzying development of Indian folk instruments with a tenacity that makes you feel like you’re missing out. It’s a frontier space disco with a synth-driven B-grade sci-fi feel and a tremendous sense of chaos. However, the Black Eyed Peas must have felt it too, because the unpredictability of the chaotic nature of this track is so goddamned good for nothing, and the blackness that surreptitiously underlies it makes the unpredictable chaoticness of this track seem like a brilliant performance.

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