• "Lost Tapes 1983-1989"

    Mike Collins






    スペース・ロフトクラシック最高峰「RUDE MOVEMENTS」があまりにも有名なエレクトロブギー始祖SUN PALACEの方翼MIKE COLLINSによる未発表曲集。

    1983年、キーボードプレイヤーKEITH O’CONNELLとのユニットSUN PALACEからRUDE MOVEMENTSという歴史的ダンスミュージック古典を発表し、現在に至るまでミュージックテクノロジーのスペシャリストとして、はたまた英国紳士のジャズマンとして活動するMIKE COLLINSの「LOST TAPES 1983-1989」と題された未発表音源集。RUDE MOVEMENTS発表の83年から89年までの6年間、ロンドンのヤマハスタジオ専属のレコーディングエンジニア/ミュージックテクノロジーコンポーザーとして活動する傍ら、水面下で密かに繰り返してきたリズムボックスを触媒にしたテクノロジーとジャズ/ファンクの邂逅実験です。その飽くなき探求の先に精製された色彩豊かで芳醇な香りがたちこめるプロトハウス、アーリーエレクトロ作品は、DAVID BOWIEから坂本龍一、BJORK、MISSY ELLIOT作品への参加、数多の映画音楽からAPPLEなど企業への音源提供など讃えるべき功績を数多く残す功労者のルーツにして貴重すぎるソロオリジナル音源です。

    This is a collection of unreleased songs by MIKE COLLINS, the wing of SUN PALACE, the founder of electro-boogie, for whom RUDE MOVEMENTS is the best of the Space Loft classics, and who is so famous.

    In 1983, MIKE COLLINS released the historical dance music classic RUDE MOVEMENTS from SUN PALACE, a unit with keyboard player KEITH O’CONNELL, and has been a specialist in music technology and also a member of the A collection of previously unreleased material entitled “Lost Tapes 1983-1989” by MIKE COLLINS, an English gentleman jazzman who worked as a recording engineer/recording engineer at Yamaha Studios in London for six years between 1983 and 1989, when RUDE MOVEMENTS was released. While working as a music technology composer, he has been secretly experimenting with the rhythm box as a catalyst for an encounter between technology and jazz/funk. The proto-house and early-electro works, which have a richly colored and mellow aroma that has been refined at the end of his relentless pursuit, have had many accomplishments to praise, including participation in works by artists such as DAVID BOWIE, Ryuichi Sakamoto, BJORK, and MISSY ELLIOT, as well as providing sound sources for companies such as APPLE and many others. This is an original solo recording that is too valuable for the roots of the merit that it leaves behind.

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