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    Tim Maia、Hyldonとともにブラジリアンソウル三大偉人として史に名を残す、コンポーザー/SSW/ギタープレイヤーCassianoによる77年USのメジャーレーベルPolydorからリリースされたシングル12″、Aサイド収録曲、夕暮れ浜辺のブリーズファンク。



    A single 12″ single, A-side recording, Dusk Beach Breeze Funk, released in 1977 on US major label Polydor by composer/SSW/guitar player Cassiano, who has gone down in history as one of the three greats of Brazilian soul along with Tim Maia and Hyldon.

    As the song’s name Onda, the Portuguese word for wave, suggests, it’s a cool mixture of rippling waves and sea bird talk, with whispered Brazilian guitar and brass melodies whispering love and slightly bossa percussion, and Cassiano’s falsetto vocals slowly waxing and waning on the shore in a state of somehow… It’s a vintage saudade. Close your eyes and you’re at a resort, the lush beaches of Bahia, the birthplace of the samba, and the magic time of the sunset when the world is dyed vermilion. I’ve never been to Brazil before, but this is the ultimate in Balearic music that invites you to such wonderful scenes.

    The original with the orange center label is a rarity, and even on the used market, it’s priced at over 20,000 yen, and it’s the one that’s been wanted by a lot of disco/funk/ Balearic collectors in Japan and abroad.

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