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    Timothy Really


    at:Vault Bunker



    Next Gigs in Bali with Tantra and Rumah23 Crew !
    Three collectives from Bali and Tokyo, two musically connected spots on the face of the earth, has joined forces to give you two days of fully loaded dance floor cultural exchange! Timothy Really (Tokyo), a collective of six DJs and artists that are known for building a platform for unique talents from all over the world, and Tantra Bali (Bali), a creative collective consisted of DJs and creatives from all over Indonesia, together with Rumah Dua Tiga Art Villa; the villa that has become the home for many actors and collectives in either local, regional, and even international contemporary art and creative scene, has banded and brought to you “23 Countdown Stories” featuring Timothy Really & Paddy Grooves at Studio Eksotika on Friday, June 14th. The festivities continues the next day with “Tantra Take Over”, featuring Timothy Really at The Vault Bunker, Berawa, on Saturday, June 15th! So save the date and join the global fam soon!

    22:30 – 5:30

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    Timothy Really Lab.
    Tantra Bali
    Rumah Dua Tiga

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